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Frequently asked questions

How long do the chocolate bars stay fresh for ?

Our chocolates are made fresh everyday. In the unlikely event you don't finish all of your chocolates, they keep for 2 to 3 weeks stored at room temperature for optimum taste and appearence.

How will my chocolates be shipped ?

Every order is packed beautifully with the utmost care, using bubble wrap to protect your items . We also use plain brown boxes to disguise the chocolates while they are in the post. Please visit our Shipping Page to find out more.

Are your chocolates suitable for nut allergy sufferers ?

Unfortunately for the safety of our nut allergy sufferers we have to say NO, many of our products contain at least traces of nuts as it is almost impossibe to guarantee a completely nut free environment in our production facility. However we are working on making our chocolates suitable for all of our chocoholics.

What Ingredients do you use ?

We use high quality Belgian Chocolate Callebaut, please visit our ingredients list found under each of our products.

I have not received a confirmation email ?

Please Check your junk/spam folder. If you are still unable to find it please contact us at contactus@thesweethearts.co.uk

Should I keep my chocolate in the fridge ?

For optimum taste and appearance we recommend you keep your chocolates in a cool dry environment. However if the room teperature is above 25^C, it is probably advisable to put them in the fridge. Please wrap the chocolates in plastic and seal carefully before refridgerating. Allow chocolates to then return to room temperature before unwrapping and eating.

How do I order my chocolates ?

1. Head over to our Shop Now page 2. Select the style of chocolate 3. Select the type of chocolate 4. Select your 2 FREE TOPPPINGS 5. Add to your cart 6. Now get ready to receive your yummy chocolates